Reputation:Expanded Deluxe Collector’s Edition

"What Have I Done To Deserve This?"で共演したDusty Springfieldとペット・ショップ・ボーイズのコラボレーションアルバムReputationが、再発盤専門のCherry Redレーベルから再発されます。

詳細はCherry Redレーベルのサイトにて。
Reputation:Expanded Deluxe Collector’s Edition(←クリックして下さい)


Dusty Springfield/Reputation:Expanded Deluxe Collector’s Edition

Disc1:Original Album&12 Versions
2.Send It To Me
3.Arrested By You
4.Time Waits For No One
5.Born This Way
6.In Private
8.Nothing Has Been Proved
9.I Want To Stay Here
10.Occupy Your Mind
11.What Have I Done To Deserve This?(Disco Mix)
12.Nothing Has Been Proved(Dance Mix)
13.In Private(12”Version)
14.Reputation(Lots Of Fun 12" Mix)
15.Arrested By You(Extended Version)

Disc2:Remixes And B-Sides
1.Nothing Has Been Proved(Original Mix)
2.In Private(Remix)
3.In Private(Bonus Beats)
4.In Private(Dub)
5.Reputation(Lots Of Fun Single Mix)
6.Reputation(Alternative Mix)
7.Reputation(Rep U Dub 1)
8.Reputation(Rep U Dub 2)
9.Born This Way(12" Mix)
10.Any Other Fool
11.When Love Turns To Blue
12.Getting It Right
13.Nothing Has Been Proved(Instrumental)
14.Daydreaming(12"Master Edit)

Disc3:Promotional Videos DVD
1.Nothing Has Been Proved
2.In Private
4.Arrested By You
5.I Want To Stay Here



関連曲全曲収録かよ!と思いきや、In Private(Instrumental)だけ収録されない謎の仕様です・・・かと思えばWhat Have I Done To Deserve This?(Disco Mix)が収録されてますし・・・